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Since its foundation in 2006, Dubini Risari and Melzi d'Eril - DRM Architects - has developed several skills. Its architectural projects include masterplans, schools, universities, residential buildings, offices, shops, bars, restaurants and hotels. Works in Italy, Switzerland, France and Africa contributing to a wide range of projects. The firm has the expertise to provide full architectural design services from concept design stage to construction supervision. Our design skills also include interior design, town planning and urban design, landscape design and exhibition design services. Our approach to a project is highly participatory, with staff, clients, engineers and specialist consultants all contributing from the beginning of a project and throughout the design process. Studio DRM has acquired a special knowledge  on historic buildings and has developed a particular expertise in matching the classic and modern architectural styles. The whole team is constantly updated on new trends in interior design as well as focusing on innovative eco-friendly materials aiming to develop modern and functional buildings. Studio DRM works to address specific features and the potential of a particular situation embracing all elements into the project while responding to the requirements of the clients.

Took part in DRM projects: Valentina Falsini, Chiara Butta, Donatella Cappiello, Claudio Cioffi, Giorgia Menozzi, Costanza Masini, Maddalena Negroni, Valeria Cominato, Stella Fazio, Federico Pagetti, Elena Dal Mas, Emanuela Cozzi, Roberta Provedel Martins, Fabio Cutaia, Benedetta Rizzardi, Alessandra Terenzi, Anna Comola, Marina Cito, Francesco Sisto, Mauro Valsecchi, Luca Guglieri

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